Mandatory Band Camp Schedule For The 2024 Marching Band Season

Band Camp is CLOSED CAMPUS. You may NOT leave during the day or for lunch, dinner, or any other time, for any reason. Non-band students are not allowed to eat with you or hangout at the school during this time.

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Monday, July 29 - Friday, August 2,
Colorguard 9am - 4pm,
Percussion 4pm - 9pm.
All times are required for any student in Colorguard, Battery Percussion, or Front Ensemble Percussion.

Tuesday, July 30 - 6pm - 9pm, Brass and Woodwind Pre-Camp, OHS Band Room - REQUIRED for all woodwind and brass players.

Wednesday, July 31, 6pm – 9pm – Freshman Basics, Session 1.
ALL freshmen, new OHS students, Drum Majors, and section leaders need to attend. Percussion and Color Guard freshmen do NOT need to attend.

Thursday, August 1 -- 6pm - 9pm, Brass and Woodwind Pre-camp continues, OHS Band Room - REQUIRED for all woodwind and brass players. EVERYONE except Colorguard.

Saturday, August 3, 9am - 12pm, Freshman Basics session 2 – same members as before including Percussion (Battery and Front Ensemble) and Colorguard Freshmen.

Monday, August 5 – Friday, August 9. FULL BAND CAMP 9am - 9pm
entire time is required for ALL band members.

Monday, August 12 and Tuesday, August 13 — Full Marching Band Rehearsals, 9am - 1:00pm.

After this, rehearsals still need to be scheduled.


The OHS Band Room is the meeting place for all activities this week. We START at the times listed, so please be early.

Colorguard, the school is providing lunch for free, but please be sure to bring snacks and lots of water and Gatorade.

Percussion, the school is providing dinner for you but also bring snacks, water, and Gatorade.

Bring sunblock!!

Information regarding next week, Full Band Camp, will be handed out at one of the rehearsals.

Be sure to bring your MARCHING instruments. Tubas, Baritones, etc, you may keep your marching instruments here at school and leave your concert instrument at home to practice on.

Very excited to see all of you this week! The drill is written and looks AMAZING! You will have a lot of fun with this show.

Eyes with Pride, OMB!

****Uniform Fittings (Very Important!!)********:
All Time TBD

School Year Events: TBD


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