The color guard is an essential part of the marching band's visual presentation. Both young men and women participate, dancing and spinning flags, rifles, sabres, and other props. The color guard takes the music the band is playing and turns it into a beautiful visual representation!

The Otsego color guard works very hard, with summer rehearsals throughout June and July, color guard camp the week before band camp, and of course join the band for full band camp in August. They also meet outside of band rehearsals as needed to perfect their performances. All of this time together turns this section into a little "family" all their own within the band, and they share a close bond with one another. They strive to create a culture of hard work, respect, and fun.

Otsego's color guard has won many caption awards for their excellent performances, including winning every caption award except one in 2021!

Attention 8th -11th Grade Band Members

It is time to start thinking about tryouts for marching band!
If you are a woodwind player and interested in the flag/visual aspect of the marching band show, then Color Guard is for you!
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