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Bennett Travel
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Vlietstra Fertilizing Services
Richard & Nancy Piersma
George & Patricia Kortland


Linda Bennett
Phyllis Borgenl
Robrahn Family


Michael Dombos
Rysenga Family
Hedke Family
Dan & Linda Bushouse
Myers family

Donors Choose Donors - "New Piano Benches"

Sue Parsons
Randi and Don Haskins
Lisa Woodin
Ashley Cowen
Donna Robbins
Julie L. Crummel
Nancy Feniger
Shannon Goodwin

A Special Shout out to SONIC for the matching donations

Lisa VanHaun
Kaelyn Gorenz
Lisa Whitcomb
Michelle Obrien
Pamela Kuiper
Jena Jacobs
Madilyn Dendel

Donors Choose Donors - “Out of the Stone Age and into the Digital Age!”

Kortlandt Family
Ricky and Michele Robbins
Lisa Woodin
Jim & Kelley Dendel
Madilyn Dendel

Salina Johnson
Lisa Whitcomb
An Anonymous Donor
Shannon Goodwin
Laura Fisher

Mark Foreman
Dendel Family
Ashley Roeske
A Donor from Michigan

Donors Choose Donors - "Great Garment Bags for New Uniforms! "

Lisa Whitcomb
Madilyn Dendel
Julia Switzer
Kelly Whitcomb
Sharon Mulder
Kimberly Olrich
Marria Ouzoonian
Dale Stratton
A Donor from Michigan

A Special Shout out to SONIC for the matching donations

Annette Mathis
Jim & Kelley Dendel
Rich and Nancy Piersma
Jessi Gates
Rebecca L Bohl
Janine Borling
Cathy Finkel
Jeff Stratton
Colleen Broadhurst

Donors Choose Donors - "Give Us Shelter From The Storm" Canopy

Lisa Woodin
Lizzie Blanchard
Laura LaBonte
Asa Lakeman
A Donor from Michigan

Lisa Whitcomb
Madilyn Dendel
Amy Gulaszewski
A Donor in Colorado

Thank You to Mark McPherson and TENGAM Engineering, Inc. for the generous contribution in support of the Otsego Bands.

Performing Arts Contribution Fund
Created by Mark McPherson
Tengam Engineering, In.

The scope of this funding is focused particularly on projects and needs that encourage and foster creative expression in any musical form which includes performance, composition, instruments, vocalization and improvisation. This fund is used for Otsego Instrumental and Vocal Departments. This fund is open to growing from others.

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