The Otsego Bulldog Marching Band is a curricular class offered 1st Trimester combined with either Concert or Symphonic Band for 2nd and 3rd Trimester - to fulfill the “entire year” class commitment. The Marching Band has required practices in the summer, evenings, and weekends. Our official season runs from the end of July through the end of October. The Otsego Marching Band is a competing band, participating in the West Michigan Scholastic MB Circuit. The group performs in select local parades, OHS Varsity Football games, and Pep Assemblies. Other performances may be added depending on the need. One of our goals is to be the heartbeat of the school when the community comes together for athletic events!

2022 OMB Fun Facts

Best Colorguard at all shows.
First undefeated season in school history
Best Marching at every show - 2 years straight!!
Best Percussion at all shows but one
Best Music at all shows but one
Undefeated in class B for the second year in a row
Grand Champion at the Vicksburg Invitational
25 trophies total
First police escort in a very long time!
95.5 final score at Vicksburg surpassing the school record of 94.8 set in 2009!


Mandatory Band Camp Schedule
2023 Marching Band Season

(Please DO NOT schedule vacations in August.)

Monday, July 24 - Friday, July 28, 9am - 4pm - Percussion and Colorguard Camp. Colorguard

4pm - 9pm - Percussion Required for any student in Colorguard, Battery Percussion, or Front Ensemble Percussion.

Tuesday, July 25 , 6pm - 9pm, Brass and Woodwind Pre-Camp, OHS Band Room - REQUIRED for all woodwind and brass players. This is EVERYONE except Colorguard.

Wednesday, July 26, 6pm – 9pm – Freshman Basics, Session 1. ALL freshmen, new OHS students, Drum Majors, and section leaders need to attend. Percussion and Color Guard freshmen do NOT need to attend.

Thursday, July 27, 6pm - 9pm, - Brass and Woodwind Pre-camp continues, OHS Band Room - REQUIRED for all woodwind and brass players. EVERYONE except Colorguard.

Saturday, July 29, 9am - 12pm - Freshman Basics session 2 – same members as before including Percussion (Battery and Front Ensemble) and Colorguard Freshmen.

Monday, July 31, 9am - 9pm – Friday, August 4. FULL BAND CAMP. Required for ALL band members. Schedule will be approximately as follows:
9am – 12:00pm: Rehearsal (w/breaks)
12:00pm – 1pm: Lunchtime at school
1pm – 5pm: Rehearsal (w/breaks)
5pm – 6pm: Dinner time at school
6pm – 9pm: Rehearsal (w/breaks)
Band Camp is CLOSED CAMPUS. You may NOT leave during the day during lunch, dinner, or any other time, for any reason. Non-band students are not allowed to eat with you or hangout at the school during this time. Do not schedule any appointments during this time.

Monday, August 7 and Tuesday, August 8, 9am - 1pm - — Full Marching Band Rehearsals.

The remainder of the Fall 2023 rehearsals still need to be scheduled. We cannot schedule them until we have an official school calendar. If there are more summer weeks off, we will rehearse most every day.

Once school starts, we will rehearse one night a week. We will also rehearse the Saturday either before or after the Allegan Fair and have NO night rehearsal the week of the fair.

Night rehearsals will be set at a later date and will most likely be Monday or Tuesday nights.

Plan on activities (rehearsals and/or competitions) every Saturday beginning with Sept. 9 and ending Oct. 28.

There will also be 5 home football games we will perform for. They will be on certain Friday nights, or if early in the season, Thursday night.

Otsego Bands are Directed By:

Mitchell R Piersma

Jessica Grove